We tend to think of expressive painting as gestural, abstract evocation of emotion through colors, shapes, lines, and patterns. The artists in I Am Trans express by showing exactly what their creators are dealing with, a kind of biological civil war, a graphically illustrated battle between the body and its own perception of itself.
— Mike Gill, Can Journal

Trans*formative a review in Can Journal on I Am: A Trans* Art Exhibit – Waterloo Arts Gallery, Cleveland Ohio

‘Art tells a truth,’ explains Alana Jochum, Northeast Ohio director of Equality Ohio. ‘Not necessarily the truth or all truths, but it tells a truth about humanity. We are glad that Waterloo Arts has brought this exhibit to Cleveland. Discrimination against transgender people is still legal in Cleveland, so there is an opportunity for education here. I hope people come out and engage with the art and deepen their understanding of the issues facing the transgender community.’
— Josh Usmani, Cleveland Scene